Southern Maryland SportPlex & Learning Center



"Something for Everyone"


Weights and Fitness - The  multisport complex of SMSPLC will include a large, state of the art fitness and lifestyle center.  It will include top of the line equipment with free and machine weights and also aerobic machines. This aspect of the facility will be run by a certified strength and conditioning specialist who will hire and train his or her staff to meet the demands of the members. Located in the upper level of the complex, clients will be able to watch many of the other activities in the facility, even the televisions located on the lower floor.

Group Classes - Research has proven specific populations prefers to workout with other people and be encouraged by the strength of the collective. The cohesiveness enables era unified goal of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Due to this fact, SMSPLC will offer group classes geared towards the common fitness goals of the various groups of clients including the gym rats, mother, and retiree.

Recreation Rooms - One of the main attractions of the SMSPLC will be the presence of the gymnasium seating 5000, the full-sized basketball courts which can also accommodate volley , indoor track, dance, aerobic, high school graduation for Southern schools and many other activities. These courts will be located on the main floor of the complex and will host a variety of community events and camps. There are future plans to include additional basketball courts for professional athletes in the community or visitors who want to support their nonprofit recreational leagues, and other activities that can be conducted simultaneously.

Food Services - Located on the main floor in close proximity to the gymnasium, there will be a large food and beverage concessions where clients can relax, rejuvenate and replenish from their workouts. Several big screen televisions will provide entertainment for the clients allowing them to watch various sporting events or other sport related programming. The SMSPLC will be providing juicing and health food for all clients. The food and vending services area will be staffed by highly qualified food personnel at all time.

Out Doors Services - Located on the outside will be a football field, track field, baseball field, lacrosse, skateboard park, tennis court, small kids park, concession stand, and diamond soccer field.

Supplemental Services - SMSPLC will offer other services and amenities to clients including a childcare (only drop-in for members while working out), high tech computer room, a wellness center, after/before school care, summer programs, educational programs, conference room services, senior citizens program, and various recreational activities. Each of these services will provide each and every client with the facilities and resources they will require to spend a large portion of their time at the SMSPLC multisport complex.