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Aquatic Center
The aquatic center will be located on the first level of the SMSPLC. The center will have a leisure and competition pools for the general public. The leisure pool will have a jungle gym inside of the pool. The competition pool will be for our experience swimmers and swimmer that are in training. The competition pool can be rental out for competition swim meets. The leisure pool will have included party rooms that can be rental out for birthday parties or other events.

Go ahead and jump in; the water is always fine at the Aquatic Center at the Southern Maryland’s SportPlex & Learning Center. With both a competition pool and a leisure pool with splatter 

features, the Aquatic Center is the place to go for serious swimming or just splatter around.

The Leisure Pool
Leisure water area with a teaching area, graduated steps, lazy river and bubble pool. The pools complex offer a range of activities including General Swimming, Family Fun Sessions, Parent & Toddler Swimming and Water based fitness classes. Both pools are wheelchair accessible.

The Competition Pool
The competition pool is open year-round for swimming, diving and water sports activities. The pool is equipped to hold national and international swim meets, water polo matches, and synchronized swimming events. The pool hosts a variety of swimming lessons, special events, and competitive swim meets throughout the year. There are complete setups for touchpad’s, electronic timing systems, and a dynamic scoreboard.

Support Areas
Tiled classrooms adjacent to the leisure pool are great for birthday parties or special events. Men's and women's locker rooms include showers, family changing areas, and lockers.

The staff guarding the Competition and Leisure Pool are certified by the American Red Cross.

Competition Pool (Year Round)
Sunday: 1 pm-5 pm
Monday-Thursday: 6 am-9 pm
Monday-Thursday: 6 am-9 pm (Lessons/Laps Only) No shallow water available 12 noon-6 pm
Friday: 6 am-9 pm
Saturday: 8:30-11 am (Lessons/Laps Only) No shallow water available
Saturday: 11 am-7 pm

Leisure Pool: (September-May)
Sunday: 1:00 pm-5 pm
Monday: 11 am-5:30 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 3-5:30 pm
Friday: 11 am-7 pm
Saturday: 11 am-7 pm

Leisure Pool: (June-August)
Sunday: 1:00 pm-5 pm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: 11 am-5:30 pm
Friday: 11 am-8 pm
Saturday: 11 am-7 pm

Senior Days - Competition Pool: (September-May) (June-August)
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 6 am-12 pm

Senior Days - Leisure Pool: (September-May) (June-August)
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 6-8 am

Shallow Water Not Available, Monday-Thursday, 12 am-4 pm and 6:30-9 pm.
Swim classes, swim meets, birthday parties: See front desk for brochure on selected fees.

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